One Million $ Jacket

We know that our clients have very high expectations when it comes to fashion. We know how it feels to be the only one in the world to own something. We know how it feels to wear a jacket that reflects your personality. At Private Haute Couture we have decided to create a jacket that will reflect the best the world has to offer, an elegant combination in design of exclusive crocodile and python leather, finest fur, gold and diamonds. The One Million Dollar Jacket has been designed to reflect modern fashion, a perfect combination of elegance and prestige. The One Million Dollar Jacket is made from an astounding total of 25 crocodile and 10 python full leather hides, selected from the best available manufacturers in the world. Each of our buttons and zippers are hand carved in 18 carat solid yellow or white gold according the client’s wish. The zipper pulls consist of a central white or yellow princess cut diamond of 3 full carats each, all certified. Inside the jacket, a tag is created with the owner’s name, made out of gold, bearing the signature of the client paved with diamonds. Special care is taken to make this jacket the most comfortable and practical realization of all the client’s wishes and needs in every single step of the production. It takes 6 months to realize the first prototype and then produce your perfect jacket. The jacket is delivered to the client in a special case made out of the same combination of crocodile and python leather. Your monogram is naturally on the top of the case.